Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University had established the Thai traditional medicine program under the Faculty of Sciences and Technology since 2005. It was the first step in the field of health sciences and medical sciences. 5 Years later, 2010, the bachelor in health sciences was started followed by the beauty sciences and sport sciences.

In 2012, 11th May, the College of Allied Health Sciences was established for the specialty in health sciences and medical sciences. The following year, we had our big steps with the bachelor of public health, master and doctoral degree in Thai traditional medicine.  We are the pioneer in the world of the doctoral degree in Thai traditional medicine.  

However, because of the expansion of the college, the facilities in the main campus cannot support our big growth.  We moved to our new private campus, more than 30 acres, the Samut Songkram Education Center.

In 2016, the medical and public health program was initiated to support the jumping policy of Thailand, the medical HUB.  The former dean of the College of Allied Health Science, Professor Dr.Adul Viriyavejchakij and the chief of the program, Dr.Pongsak Jaroenngarmsamer, had developed the program to support the new style of the secretory who understand the basic of medical term, public health system including the quality assurance, medical coding, the insurance system and hospital accreditation program.

The dean, assistance professor Dr.Thawatchai Kamoltham has the big support to this program to follow the policy of Thailand 4.0 and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan.  Our target is not only the development of person or social but for the country and the world.